The Foreman’s Role

The Foreman on any jobsite is most often the first managerial role. They directly oversee the laborers and perform all typical managerial duties. The foreman is an extremely important job. Without them, the laborers would not have any direct supervision and assistance in staying on schedule. Here are a few of the most important duties a foreman is responsible for.

Keep Job Site Safe

The Foreman is tasked with the most important duty of all. They must continuously enforce safety regulations. Without these regulations serious bodily injury or even death can occur. All foreman also are responsible for providing new employees with the proper safety training and regulations. This combats injuries happening to themselves or endangering anyone else on the job site. Safety is always the number one priority and thankfully for the foreman, laborers are kept safe and informed.

Wages and Employee Satisfaction

The foreman works directly with each laborer on their job site. They make sure each one of their employees is paid fairly and the correct amount. They field any questions about wage and deal with each issue delicately and promptly. Similarly, the foreman is in charge of monitoring employee satisfaction. If their employees are unhappy, it’s the foreman’s job to make sure they have don everything they can to mitigate the issues.

Coordination of Laborer’s Tasks

The foreman is in charge of prioritizing tasks and coordinating the laborer’s accordingly. The foreman keeps constant watch on the work being completed and is there to make sure it happens efficiently and on time. They are in charge of delegating what needs to be done and when. Without this coordination, laborers could essentially do whatever they felt like, but the job would certainly move at a much slower pace. Plus, it’s important to have enough people on a particular task to make sure everything runs smoothly and the work is being done exactly how it was intended to be completed.
The foreman is one of the most important part of construction management. They are in the trenches with the laborers and are there to ensure the job is completely, in a safe and timely manner. I good foreman can motivate a team to achieving something extraordinary.

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