Benefits of Using Drywall

Benefits of using drywall

Durable and Resistant

More and more commercial buildings are incorporating drywall materials during development or remodeling. The material is used in almost every modern construction project and continues to be one of the most common building materials in the US. There are several reasons for its popularity and the preference of contractors of drywall (sheetshock) to other alternatives. Durable and resistant, it directly affects the wear and tear that property will sustain over the years.

One of the biggest benefits of drywall is that construction with it is non-messy, and it significantly speeds up the completion of a project. Gypsum in the form of plasterboard is commonly used to create high performance drywall as well as partitions and wall-paper ceilings. These systems are light-weight, which means they offer significant structural savings. They immensely reduce the dead-load on the entire structure. Gypsum plasterboard systems are fast to assemble and provide flexibility in construction as well as labor saving. They are used as a replacement for brick/masonry, wood construction, and for screeds to be used on floors as well.

Drywall is lighter in comparison to other commonly-used building materials. For huge structures or tall buildings such as skyscrapers, it is a key requirement to work with materials that are light-weight as it will reduce the dead-load on the edifice. Additional benefits are that it is Eco-friendly, faster to construct, has a long lifespan, complies with rigorous fire safety requirements, and offers better acoustic comfort, all that makes traditional construction materials less attractive than drywall. Consulting a drywall contractor prior to initiating construction is necessary as they will share all the technical information about the material, and take care of wall coverings after installation.

Drywall provides excellent performance in terms of both thermal insulation and fire protection. Given all three elements of fire protection – integrity, stability and insulation requirements, products and systems based on gypsum deliver first-class, passive fire protection solutions ranging from half an hour to 4-5 hours.

In addition to all these benefits, drywall is Eco-friendly and energy efficient. The thermal insulation it provides is 5 times better compared to block or brick wall. This results in reduced electrical consumption and the overall the load on the AC units.

Drywall offers flexibility in the interior and ease in creating and dividing spaces and provides the chance to experiment with sizes and shapes.

If you need more information or expert advice, you can consult a reliable and experienced drywall contractor such as United Builders Service. You can learn about other options for wall coverings in order to make an informed choice about your wall, get in touch today.

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