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Soundproofing and what it’s used for

Soundproofing spaces has been in practice for as long as people were bothered by the noise of others. What many people do not realize, is all the common uses there …. Read More

Steel Stud Framing vs. Wood Which One Is Better

The vast majority of contractors and developers use wood as opposed to steel for framing residential and commercial properties. This is largely due to traditionalism as in many situations wood .... Read More

How to Soundproof: Basic Principles

Contractors or developers that are considering installing soundproofing should be aware of several key elements of this process apart from knowing which materials work best in which scenarios. There is .... Read More

Drywall Texturing Tips & Techniques

Like painting, drywalling is a very labor-intensive technique. In addition the drywall installer and taper has to be skilled because any imperfections will be picked up long after the painters .... Read More

Best Materials to Use for Soundproofing

Nowadays people are continuously exposed to several kinds of low to medium to high frequency noises in their homes as well as in commercial buildings. This can be a nuisance .... Read More

Professional Soundproofing Advice

A topic that is often covered by many online resources aimed at the DIY audience, there is a great deal of misunderstanding and misinformation around this topic. Similar to other .... Read More

Light Gauge Metal Stud Framing

The light gauge metal stud framing phase of a commercial building project has a significant impact on several other trades. It is known that good planning and practices tend to .... Read More

Interior and Exterior Commercial Building Insulation

United Builders Service is in the business of providing interior and exterior insulation for commercial buildings, targeting a combination of optimal thermal performance, air tightness, sound reduction and moisture management. .... Read More

Advantages and Disadvantages of Interior Insulation

Insulating solid walls could heating costs considerably as solid walls let through almost twice as much heat as cavity walls do. It is common knowledge that buildings constructed before 1919 .... Read More

Benefits of Using Drywall

Durable and Resistant More and more commercial buildings are incorporating drywall materials during development or remodeling. The material is used in almost every modern construction project and continues to be .... Read More