Lloyd Claycomb

Founder & CEO of United Builders Service, Inc.

Lloyd Claycomb United Builders

Lloyd Claycomb: The Man Behind The Success

Lloyd Claycomb is a many things. He’s a proud republican, successful CEO and business­ owner, beloved husband, father, grandfather, passionate philanthropist, strong supporter of educational reforms, and avid believer in a brighter future for his country. ­Above all else, Lloyd is a committed, inspirational man who brings years of experience and expertise to every endeavor he undertakes.

As Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board for United Builders Service, Lloyd Claycomb is a name that has been instilling confidence in people and communities for years. Since founding the company in 1978, he has grown UBS, Inc. into a booming business that operates in twelve states.

United Builders Service - United by a Common Goal, Driven by
Commitment to Excellence

United Builders Service, Inc. is a specialty construction company based in Colorado with a focus on structural and non-­structural metal stud framing, drywall, insulation and acoustical grid ceilings with a successful history of providing services to over 30,000 multi­-family units and hundreds of commercial projects. From major commercial projects and tenant finish projects to government facilities ­ United Builders Service, Inc. became a trademark name on the Colorado scene under the management of Lloyd Claycomb, while retaining a clear focus on its core values, principles and integrity it was founded upon.

Through long­ standing, national collaborations with leading material suppliers, banking facilities, insurance companies and bonding institutions,­ United Builders Service, Inc. is able to continue providing clients with the highest standard of products and services available.

Lloyd Claycomb of United Builders Smiling

One CEO ­- multiple ideals and undertakings

Lloyd Claycomb serves a diverse range of roles in the construction, political, and charitable communities. A man of passionate convictions, devout integrity, commitment to equality, and strong principles, he has made it his life mission to help the less fortunate communities around the globe by donating time, ideas, and resources.

Some of the charitable and educational organizations around the world he has been a part of include Amazing Facts, Our Children International, Maranatha International Volunteers and The Suva, Fiji Mission. It is a role Lloyd shares with his family and takes immense pride in.

Currently, Lloyd Claycomb sits on the board of United Builders Services and AviBree Real Estate Holding, Inc.  He combines his strong business sense with a passion for philanthropy in applying his knowledge and experience to impact the world and make it a better place.

Appointed to the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct in March 2010 by Governor Jan Brewer himself, Lloyd Claycomb has since served his country diligently to adjudicate the conduct of Judges throughout the state of Arizona. As a proud republican, he is a strong supporter of immigration reform, education policy, and environmental issues amongst others.

Lloyd Claycomb has served his community as a Reserve Deputy and was the first reserve officer to train and certify a K­9. He is a certified jet pilot with over 5,000 hours flying time in various aircrafts.  His portrait of a savvy CEO, businessman, republican, philanthropist, pilot, and an active member of the Colorado community would not be complete without emphasis on being a proud family man.